BuildMaster SDK Reference

ILocalWorkspaceProvider Interface

Indicates that a SourceControlProviderBase has a local workspace on the provider's assigned agent that is used to keep a persisent copy of a repository for quicker source control operations.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • Inedo.BuildMaster.Extensibility.Providers.SourceControl.ILocalWorkspaceProvider


public interface ILocalWorkspaceProvider


Name Description
DeleteWorkspace(SourceControlContext context)

Deletes the local workspace associated with the specified context.

EnsureLocalWorkspace(SourceControlContext context)

Ensures that a local workspace exists.

ExportFiles(SourceControlContext context, string targetDirectory)

Exports the files without any index information to the specified target directory.

GetWorkspaceDiskPath(SourceControlContext context)

Gets the workspace disk path.

UpdateLocalWorkspace(SourceControlContext context)

Updates the local workspace to either the latest files on disk, or more commonly for instances of IMultipleRepositoryProvider, the latest index state of the remote repository.