BuildMaster SDK Reference

BuildMasterConfig.Agents Class

Contains configuration settings related to agents and servers.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • object
    • Inedo.BuildMaster.BuildMasterConfig<Inedo.BuildMaster.BuildMasterConfig.Agents>
      • Inedo.BuildMaster.BuildMasterConfig.Agents


public class BuildMasterConfig.Agents : BuildMasterConfig<BuildMasterConfig.Agents>


Name Description

Gets or sets a value indicating whether an error should occur if an executing operation's server is not associated with the environment specified in the stage target.


Gets or sets a value if true, the managed SSHNET library will be used for all SSH connections. When false, the native libssh2 library will be used. Changing this setting requires a web and service restart to take effect.


Gets or sets a value if true, each legacy plan execution gets its own temporary directory. When false, the temporary directory is only application-unique. OtterScript plans will always use a unique execution temp directory regardless of this setting.