Otter SDK Reference


Name Description
Inedo Utility classes and other types.
Inedo.Agents Contains types for working with agents and agent services.
Inedo.Data Data-access classes and components.
Inedo.Diagnostics Logging-related classes and interfaces.
Inedo.Documentation Attributes for documenting components.
Inedo.IO File and memory access classes.
Inedo.Otter Configuration, helper methods and general contexts.
Inedo.Otter.Data Database and data model access classes.
Inedo.Otter.Diagnostics Contains classes to write directly to the Otter log.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility Base classes, related attributes, and other components for creating Otter extensions.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility.Configurations Contains classes to define and use configuration that collected by Collect and Ensure operations.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility.Credentials Contains classes to define and use resource credentials that may be used by operations.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility.Operations Contains classes to define and use operations.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility.RaftRepositories Contains classes to define and work with raft repositories.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility.UserDirectories Contains classes to define and work with user directories.
Inedo.Otter.Extensibility.VariableFunctions Contains classes to define variable functions.
Inedo.Otter.Extensions.RaftRepositories Contains the built-in raft repositories that may be extended.
Inedo.Otter.Variables Contains classes to work with runtime and configuration variables.
Inedo.Otter.Web.Controls.Extensions Controls and other classes used for creating extensions.
Inedo.Otter.Web.Controls.Extensions.PropertyEditors Editors for individual properties of an extensible component.
Inedo.Otter.Web.Controls.Plans Classes used for creating custom editors for Operations.
Inedo.Serialization Lightweight serialization and XML persistence.
Inedo.Web Classes used for web validation and display.
Inedo.Web.Controls Controls and other classes used for creating HTML and other UI components.
Inedo.Web.DP Components for Knockout-based dynamic pages.