ProGet SDK Reference

CommonIndexedPackageStore Class

Represents a package store that stores packages in the same way as the default package store using a hierarchy of directories.

Inheritance Hierarchy


public class CommonIndexedPackageStore : PackageStore, Inedo.Diagnostics.ILogger


Name Description

Initializes a new instance of the CommonIndexedPackageStore class.


Name Description
CleanAsync(IPackageIndex packageIndex)

Performs a cleanup and consistency check for the package store.

CreateAsync(string path)

Creates a new empty file in the package store and returns a writable stream.

CreatePackageAsync(PackageStorePackageId packageId)

Returns an empty stream which can be used to write a new package to the store.

DeleteAsync(string path)

Deletes a file in the package store.

DeletePackageAsync(PackageStorePackageId packageId)

Deletes a package from the store.

EnumerateFilesAsync(string extension)

Returns a sequence of the files in the package store that have the specified file extension.

GetFullPackagePath(PackageStorePackageId packageId)

Returns the full path of the specified package for the current package store.

OpenPackageAsync(PackageStorePackageId packageId)

Returns a stream backed by the specified package if it exists; otherwise returns null (Nothing in Visual Basic).

OpenReadAsync(string path)

Opens an existing file in the package store and returns a readable stream.

RenameAsync(string originalName, string newName)

Renames a file in the package store.