ProGet SDK Reference

IDockerPackageStore Interface

Implemented by package stores to support Docker feeds.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • Inedo.ProGet.Feeds.Docker.IDockerPackageStore


public interface IDockerPackageStore


Name Description
CompleteUploadAsync(string uploadId, DockerDigest digest)

Notifies the package store that an upload has been completed and should either be deleted or moved to blob storage with the specified digest.

ContinueUploadAsync(string uploadId)

Continues a previously started upload.

CreateManifestAsync(DockerDigest digest)

Creates a new manifest with the specified content digest.

CreateUploadAsync(string uploadId)

Creates a new upload with the specified ID.

DeleteBlobAsync(DockerDigest digest)

Deletes the blob with the specified content digest.

DeleteManifestAsync(DockerDigest digest)

Deletes the manifest with the specified content digest.


Returns all of the manifest content digests currently stored.


Returns all of the upload IDs currently stored.

OpenBlobAsync(DockerDigest digest)

Opens the blob with the specified content digest for reading.

OpenManifestAsync(DockerDigest digest)

Opens an existing manifest for reading with the specified content digest.

OpenUploadAsync(string uploadId)

Opens an upload in progress for reading.


This is an alternate interface for package stores. Docker feeds will only use this interface.