Otter SDK Reference

Operation Class

The common base class for all types of operations.


public class Operation : Inedo.Diagnostics.ILogger


Name Description

Occurs when a message is logged.


Name Description
ExecuteCommandLineAsync(IOperationExecutionContext context, Inedo.Agents.RemoteProcessStartInfo startInfo)

Executes the specified process asychronously and writes process output to the operation's log.

GetDescription(IOperationConfiguration config)

Returns a friendly description of this operation and its current configuration.

GetDescription(System.Type operationType, Inedo.ExecutionEngine.ActionStatement statement)

Returns a friendly description of the operation.


Returns the current progress of the action as a percentage if it is executing.

Log(Inedo.Diagnostics.MessageLevel logLevel, string message)

Writes the specified message to the corresponding log.

LogProcessError(string text)

Invoked when process error data is received after calling ExecuteCommandLine.

LogProcessOutput(string text)

Invoked when process output data is received after calling ExecuteCommandLine.

OnMessageLogged(Inedo.Diagnostics.LogMessageEventArgs e)

Raises the MessageLogged event.


This class cannot be inherited directly. Instead, see CollectOperation, EnsureOperation, and ExecuteOperation.