Otter SDK Reference

Persistence Class

Contains static utility methods for working with persistent objects.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • object
    • Inedo.Serialization.Persistence


public class Persistence


Name Description

Gets the encryption mode to use.


Name Description
CreateDynamicInstance(string typeName, string assemblyName)

Returns a new instance of a persistable type as a dynamic object.

CreateDynamicInstanceFromXml(string objectXml)

Returns a dynamic instance of a persisted object.

DeserializeFromBase64String(string s)

De-serialize from base64 string.

DeserializeFromPersistedObjectXml(string objXml)

Des the serialize from persisted object XML.

DeserializeToStringArray(string serialized)

De-serialize to string array.

GetPersistentProperties(System.Type type, bool inspectInterfaces)

Inspects the specified type and, optionally, its interfaces, and returns properties with PersistentAttribute.

SerializeStringArray(string[] strings)

Serializes the string array.

SerializeToBase64String(object graph)

Returns a string representing the Base-64 Converted output of the Binary Formmater

SerializeToPersistedObjectXml(object obj)

Serializes the specified object by retrieving only properties with the Persisted attribute

SetEncryptionMode(PersistenceEncryptionMode mode, byte[] key)

Sets the encryption mode to use for encrypted persistent properties.